Life is Boring

Searching boredom
Exhibition tour: 

Kannelmäki (Helsinki), Oulu, Kauhava, Berlin 


Life is Boring _
Exhibition Tour 2020



About the exhibition tour


Noora Lehtovuori

Life is Boring is an exhibition tour initiated by artist Noora Lehtovuori. In the exhibitions Lehtovuori is looking for and reflecting on boredom in contemporary society  in collaboration with various artists and creators: in Kannelmäki with Anne Törnroos, in Oulu with Lin Chih Tung, in Kauhava with Oula Rytkönen and in Berlin with Hannah Bohnen. The artists share a mutual interest in boredom and want to challenge the common perception of the word.

The exhibition tour 2020 is a continuation of the Life is Dangerous exhibition tour in 2019, which challenged the society where people evade boredom.

Working together is at the core of these exhibitions and they are based on dialogue. Boredom is a personal and at the same time a communal matter, and it is important to test it from different angles in an exhibition space which is dedicated to art.

As a method, dialogue requires compromises, sharing space, learning, surrendering, clarifying concepts, confronting, listening, and considering another and oneself. It is a process that we, as agents, have wanted to embark on, which we feel will give something new and shared to us, but also to others, and to multiply through it. Boredom is often seen as a useless and eliminable issue in a fast-paced consumer society, even though it provides an important breeding ground, for example. for introspection, being, values and creativity. It is important to approach this ground now; alone and together
Noora Lehtovuori is a multilayered artist who finds inspiration in the mundane of the everyday. Her ideas take shape by questioning the norms and habits that we seem to naturally adapt. The projects leave room for her own failures and use humour when observing a societal annoyance. Her media varies from still photography to installation, film, sound and text.

She graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree from Valand Academy, Gothenburg University in 2018 and is expanding her artistic field with the curatorial master studies in University of the Arts Helsinki.

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                                                  Illustration by Minni Havas