Life is Boring

Searching boredom
Exhibition tour: 

Kannelmäki (Helsinki), Oulu, Kauhava, Berlin 


Life is Boring _
Exhibition Tour 2020




In Galerie Pleiku together with Hannah Bohnen

HANNAH BOHNEN lives and works in Kiel and Hamburg in Germany. Bohnen creates sculptures, surfaces and installations which explore the temporal phenomena of movement that permeate our daily life. Her work considers the uncertain moments of ephemeral action, adopting dynamic materials and flowing forms as a vocabulary to communicate the evanescent and almost imperceptible life of casual gestures. Using this temporary movement as a language that words cannot reach, the works can traverse the ideas of the transitory. The artistic intervention serves as a memory of the fleeting and gives permanence to what is otherwise transient.

Bohnen completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in the sculpture class at the Muthesius Kunsthoschule in 2017 and is currently studying for her master's degree with Prof. Elisabeth Wagner. In 2019 she was an exchange student in the sculpture department at the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki. She has been funded by the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes since 2017.