Life is Boring

Searching boredom
Exhibition tour: 

Kannelmäki (Helsinki), Oulu, Kauhava, Berlin 


Life is Boring _
Exhibition Tour 2020


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Minni Havas has designed the Life is Boring t-shirt.
Minni Havas

Finnish illustrator Minni Havas creates stunning, photo-realistic artwork, working with a variety of materials to create dream-like portraiture and illustration reminiscent of glossy fashion illustration.

Kannelmäki 10.1.-31.1.2020

In Kanneltalo’s gallery together with Anne Törnroos

ANNE TÖRNROOS is a creative and designer specialised in storytelling through styling, set design and installation. Törnroos is interested in creating contemporary spaces, objects and atmospheres by mixing elements from fashion, graphic design and popular culture to fine arts. She finds inspiration in short stories, natural science, traditional techniques, rich colours and black humour.

Törnroos graduated in 2008 from Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. In 2009 she was named Young Designer of the Year and also been recognised by the Designers’ Nest Awards 2009. From love to well-written text, she studied graphic design in School of Visual Arts in New York, 2017.

Törnroos has worked for Iittala, Marimekko, The National Museum of Finland and Helsinki Design Week among others.

Oulu 5.2.-23.2.2020

In Gallery 5 together with Lin Chih Tung.

LIN CHIH TUNG sees art from the perspective of the inside, the mentality and the relationship between layers of humanity. With her previous training in the field of Psychology, she has been a huge believer of Free Association. Shaping her practice in a virgin phase, Chih Tung is willing to encounter anonymous but inspiring subjects and objects and the countless conversations lying within.

Lin Chih Tung is currently studying in Praxis Exhibition Studies program at University of the Arts Helsinki. She hopes to broaden her artistic vision and explore various roles as an artist, a curator, a meditator, or something in the middle of the spectrum.

* Free Association is a practice in psychoanalytic therapy. In this practice, a therapist asks a person in therapy to freely share thoughts, words, and anything else that comes to mind.


Kauhava 2.4.-29.4.2020

In Art gallery Kaari together with Oula Rytkönen

OULA RYTKÖNEN is a performance artist, sound designer and spectator living in Helsinki. They are fascinated by arts' and performativity's potential to form unlikely communalities, question institutional structures of everyday life and cherish and live through the worlds and perspectives overshadowed by them.

Their current doings are lot about trying to listen the sounds/voices that are there, but not heard or that are being interpreted in heavily exclusive and/or normative ways. Experimenting with different tools for listening, noticing, giving space, making space and sharing them as possible everyday life tools is an important motivator for their work and life.

They also find the borderline of authorship and spectatorship more and more vague in the society that is facing increasing disbelief in human operated, subject orientated control systems and more and more fluid understanding of authorship in the ever mediating interpretations of self-expression.

At the moment they are concerned about their relationship with kinetics of gathering, cooking and eating, excited about parasitic economies and working with urban drifting exercises. They are thinking and doing aforementioned things with, through, among and by friends, horrors, strangers and others. They do not exist alone.


In Galerie Pleiku together with Hannah Bohnen

HANNAH BOHNEN lives and works in Kiel and Hamburg in Germany. Bohnen creates sculptures, surfaces and installations which explore the temporal phenomena of movement that permeate our daily life. Her work considers the uncertain moments of ephemeral action, adopting dynamic materials and flowing forms as a vocabulary to communicate the evanescent and almost imperceptible life of casual gestures. Using this temporary movement as a language that words cannot reach, the works can traverse the ideas of the transitory. The artistic intervention serves as a memory of the fleeting and gives permanence to what is otherwise transient.

Bohnen completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in the sculpture class at the Muthesius Kunsthoschule in 2017 and is currently studying for her master's degree with Prof. Elisabeth Wagner. In 2019 she was an exchange student in the sculpture department at the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki. She has been funded by the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes since 2017.